Nancy M Raabe
Choral Works, Vocal Solos

Nancy M Raabe has published works for choir, and for solo voice.  Many of them use an original text, tune, and arrangement by Nancy Raabe.


Growth in Righteousness

SATB choir, piano                                                        VIDEO

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781506445632  (2017)  

Savior of the Nations, Come

3-part choir, organ                        VIDEO

In Augsburg Chorale Book

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781506426303  (2017) 

In the Bleak Midwinter

SSAA, organ

In St Olaf Choirbook for Women

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781506426310  (2017)  

Show Me, Teach Me, Lead Me

Unison choir, piano

In Augsburg Easy Choirbook, Volume 3

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781506414041  (2016)

Your Little Ones, Dear Lord

Two-part choir, piano     VIDEO
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781506414034  (2016)  LISTEN    VIDEO+

Springtime Birds are Singing, Singing

Unison choir, keyboard
Choristers Guild   Catalog  CGA1447  (2015)  LISTEN

Forgive Our sins As We Forgive

SAB choir, keyboard                                        VIDEO
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781506408644  (2015)   LISTEN

The Everlasting Light

Two-part choir, keyboard                            VIDEO
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451499001  (2015)     LISTEN   
    Dedicated to Rebecca Grace Mastalerz

All Good Gifts (A Medley of Table Blessings)

Unison/Two-part choir, keyboard
Choristers Guild   Catalog  CGA1420  (2015)     LISTEN

Ask, Seek, Knock

Unison choir and piano       VIDEO
Choristers Guild   Catalog CGA1398  (2014)      VIDEO              LISTEN

In a Lowly Manger Born

Two-part choir, piano, opt claves, finger cymbals, triangle
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451485844  (2014)     LISTEN   VIDEO
Adapted for St Olaf Choral Series, St Olaf Choirbook for Men (2015) 9781451485844
    Dedicated to Linda Kempke

The Magi Who to Bethlehem Did Go (Los magos qui llegaron Belen)
Two-part mixed choir, piano, solo voice         LISTEN
MorningStar Music   Catalog 50-9934     (2013)
Included in O Lord of Light, a collection of two-part anthems
MorningStar Music   Catalog 55-9930  (2013)

The Fullness of God

Two-part choir, piano, low instrument           LISTEN   INTERVIEW
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451462494 (2013)   VIDEO
    Dedicated to Martin Raabe



Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus

Two-part mixed choir, keyboard, opt. finger cymbals    LISTEN
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog   9781451462319   (2013)     VIDEO


Lullaby Carol

Two-part mixed choir, keyboard, opt. finger cymbals 

in Children Sing in Worship, Vol 3  

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451462548  (2013)

God's Plan

Two-part mixed choir, piano, clarinet    LISTEN

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451479348  (2013)      VIDEO   VIDEO


A Mighty Fortress

SATB, organ, assembly, trumpet, opt tambourine          LISTEN    VIDEO
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 97814514023914  (2012)
    Dedicated to William A Raabe

Awake My Soul, and With the Sun
SAB, organ, opt. assembly                               LISTEN
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451451559  (2012)            VIDEO
    Dedicated to Joy Schroeder and John Birkner

Only Through Faith

Unison or SAB choir, or congregation, trumpet            VIDEO

Northwestern Publishing   Catalog OL-286112E (2012)


All Things are Possible with God

Unison voices, piano                           LISTEN

We Light the Advent Candle

Unison voices, piano

    Dedicated to Rick, Suzanne, Lucy, and Grace Ann Phillips

What's the News?

Two-part mixed choir, piano, opt organ  

When Shepherds Watched Their Flocks

Two-part mixed choir, piano, treble C instrument

   For Wilbur Held

in Children Sing in Worship, vol 2
Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451424126  (2012)

Sing to the Lord

Unison or two-part choir, piano                       LISTEN

Choristers Guild   Catalog CGA1241       (2011)

Accompaniment track available

    Dedicated to Faith Singers, Bethel Lutheran Church, Grove City OH


Sparkling Stars, Shining in the Night    

Unison choir, piano                                          LISTEN

Choristers Guild   Catalog CGA1217  (2011)

Accompaniment track available

Creator of the Stars of Night

2-part mixed choir, keyboard           LISTEN

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451401622  (2011)     VIDEO

Peace Came to Earth

Unison or congregation, oboe, keyboard              LISTEN

MorningStar Music   Catalog 60-1007 (2011)

    Dedicated to Scott Hyslop

Song of the Shepherd Children

Unison or 2-part choir, piano                                          LISTEN

Choristers Guild   Catalog CGA1218 (2011)

Accompaniment track available

We Light the Advent Candle

Unison voice or choir, keyboard 

in Children Sing in Worship

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9781451401806  (2011)

    Dedicated to Rick, Suzanne, Lucy, and Grace Ann Phillips

For the Colors of the Rainbow

Unison choir, piano                           LISTEN

Choristers Guild   Catalog CGA1198  (2010)

Accompaniment track available                      VIDEO


Let Every Breath

Unison or 2-part choir, piano                                         LISTEN

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9780800664901  (2009)


Nativity Triptych

Get Ready, Manger Carol, Epiphany Carol

Unison or 2-part choir, keyboard                                          LISTEN

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9780800678364  (2007)

Epiphany Counting Carol

2-part choir, piano, violin                                          LISTEN

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9780800638085  (2006)

    Dedicated to Charles and Mary Miller

Turn My Heart to You

Vocal solo, medium

in With All My Heart:  Contemporary Vocal Solos, volume 2, Spring and Summer

Augsburg Fortress   Catalog 9780800676858     (2005)   VIDEO

    Dedicated to Maximus Daniel Weatherby

Rev Nancy M Raabe, 2022
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Nancy M Raabe

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