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Nancy Raabe 2/24
Rev Nancy M Raabe, Grace Hatfield PA

Rev Nancy M Raabe's publications and presentations convey accessible advice for those who plan and carry out Christian worship.


Keynote Speaker, "Renewing Worship From Within," ELCA SW Pennsylvania Synod Rostered Leaders, Theological Convocation, 2023  Brochure

Pastor Raabe discusses how to keep the church's worship life energized and evolving, while remaining committed to Lutheran traditions and resources.

Video Interview, "The Current Scene in Church Music," Center for Church Music (2023)  Watch

Pastor Raabe is interviewed by Center director Barry Bobb, discussing opportunities for worship offerings presented by the end of the lockdown, and the relationship between pastors and church musicians.

Faith and Vocation Fellows, at ELCA Lutheran Campus Ministry, Madison WI (2018)

Leader, presentation and discussion for University of Wisconsin students, to encourage a deeper analysis of the worship history and practices of Lutherans in America


Both Sides Now is a resource for both clergy and cantors. It appears in the newsletter of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, In Tempo

The column explores the working relationship between the pastor and the musician in a Lutheran congregation. It offers suggestions, advice, and encouragement for all parties who are committed to the sacred vocation of leading worship in today’s world.

Rev Nancy M Raabe is uniquely qualified to provide this perspective, having served both as an ordained pastor, and as a music minister. She is an active composer for the church, and she has published five books for use by church musicians.

The material is (c) 2019 - 2024, ALCM Please send your comments, experiences, and challenges to Pastor Raabe, for discussion in future columns.

Wisdom Through the Ages  Read

Singing Theologically  Read

Worship and Music Committees  Read

Integrity of the Church's Song  Read

Pastors and Musicians: Co-Conspirators for Christ  Read

Online Worship Experiences  Read

What Do Lutheran Pastors Treasure in a Church Musician?  Read

What Do Church Musicians Treasure in a Pastor?  Read

How Can Pastors Support Musicians?  Read

During COVID: Where Is Our Hope?  Read

Five More Things that Cantors Would Like to Tell Pastors  Read

Five Things that Pastors Would Like to Tell Cantors  Read

Five Things that Cantors Wish Pastors Knew  Read


Singing the Psalms:  Old Words, New Life   (2012) 
A blog entry for the Prelude Music Planner, discussing how to introduce Psalms into your worship, and best practice ideas as to how to prepare and present the Psalms during the liturgical year. 

Live presentation as
The Psalms in Our Worship Life:  Why We Can't Live Without Them   (2012)
At the 2012 SynodFest of the Southern Ohio Synod of the ELCA. 


These essays appeared in the Resource Center column of the ALCM Grace Notes, or her Prairie View column in the ALCM newsletter In Tempo.  In them, Rev Nancy M Raabe addresses concerns and offers suggestions that may be used immediately by fellow pastors, church musicians, and all worship leaders.

"Thy Strong Word":  Theology That Sings   (2017)  Download pdf

Let Creation Sing   (2017)  Download pdf

Liturgy, Structure, and Life   (2016)  Download pdf

Silence is ... Filled With Sound   (2016)  Download pdf

"Low Sunday"   (2016)  Download pdf

How Hymn Commissioning Can Work in Your Congregation   (2015)  Download pdf

Five Keys to New Life in Your Congregation   (2012)  Read it

Stewardship and Music Ministry   (2011)  Download pdf

The Offertory:  Revive, Refresh, Renew   (2011)  Download pdf

Five Things About Worship:  A Refresher for Musicians   (2010)  Download pdf

Sing for Creation:  A Hymn Festival of Thanksgiving    (2010)  Download pdf    Download in word

ALCM CDs:  The Congregational Song Series    (2010)  Download pdf

The Coming of God Into Our Midst:  A Bonhoeffer Hymn Festival for Advent    (2008)
Download in word

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