Nancy M Raabe

New Hymns, Carols, Psalm Settings

Please consider using these compositions by Rev Nancy M Raabe in your worship.  You can use the downloads to distribute or display.  For some items, leader accompaniments are included.

You have the composer's permission to reproduce and distribute hard copies of any unaltered file among your worshipers on one calendar day.

Please send Pastor Raabe any comments on the pieces, and tell her how you have used them.



Baptism Song:  Come From Love (2017)

Text and tune, Nancy Raabe

Text and Arrangement

A Fair and Glorious Gift (2012)

SATB choir, trumpet, organ, congregation     DOWNLOAD

Text, tune, and arrangement by Nancy Raabe

Glorify Me In Your Presence (2012)

Text and tune, Nancy Raabe

Full Hymn           Congregational Insert (jpg)                Congregational Insert (pdf)

Last of the Great Prophetic Line (2011)

Text, Timothy Dudley-Smith

Full Hymn            Congregational Insert


The feast of John the Baptist, celebrated on June 24 for more than 1,500 years, gives us the opportunity to reflect on this powerful figure. Since there is a dearth of hymns devoted to John in our common hymnals, this setting of Timothy Dudley-Smith's stirring 2007 text may find a place in your worship for that day.

Canticle:  When We Were Baptized (2010)

Arrangement and tune, Nancy Raabe

Romans 6:3-5

Text and arrangement

Cast Out Into Deep Waters (2009)

Text, tune, and arrangement, Nancy Raabe

Luke 5:4-10, Matthew 28:20, John 6:15-21

Congregational Insert


Please enjoy these carols during your Christmas season.  Nancy Raabe has crafted new melodies for these expressive texts.

The Clanging of Joybells (2016)

Carol of the Birds (2015)

Song sheet


Psalm 51, Create In Me, Leader and Congregation
Refrain and accompaniment, pdf
Refrain only, pdf
Refrain only, jpeg

Psalm 119, 6B, Happy Are They
Refrain and accompaniment, pdf
Refrain only, jpeg